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Client American Forests

Assignment Documenting the HERO garden construction in the Dorcester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

Locations Boston, MA

Storytelling Approach The story of how a community can come together to reclaim a part of their neighborhood to foster unity and beauty.


Client Youth Radio

Assignment Follow the YR Media journalist Kamaya Truitt as she explores gerrymandering on the campus of her alma mater, North Carolina A&T State University.

Locations Greensboro, NC

Storytelling Approach Our approach with this project was to capture the working life of a radio journalist, as she reports on a story that speaks to her individual experience, but also the experience of minority populations across America.


Client NOAA

Assignment Develop a series of videos about NOAA’s Regional Integrated Sciences & Assessments (RISA) program that supports research teams that help expand and build the nation’s capacity to prepare for and adapt to climate variability and change.

Locations New Mexico, USA

Storytelling Approach For our video about CLIMAS, DDC tracked down archival news material to show the urgent danger posed by Southwestern dust storms, particularly to interstate travelers. Our team then crisscrossed the region to interview program partners and captured breathtaking drone footage of New Mexico's otherworldly landscape.


Client Various


Client RTI International

Assignment Produce a short story about RTI's work with the energy sector, focused on creating career opportunities and training for women in particular.

Storytelling Approach The unique challenge of this project was to highlight the story of the USAID GEEL program in Somalia without actually having the opportunity to travel to Somalia. We had a limited amount of photos and video from the project as well, so DDC's team supplemented these with dynamic motion graphics and archival video to increase the overall production value of the project.


Client Pact

Assignment Tell a short story about ending child labor in the mining industry, as part of Pact's World Day Against Child Labor advocacy campaign.

Locations Manono, Democratic Republic of Congo

Storytelling Approach How do you tell a positive, hopeful story in such a harsh environment? By working closely with Pact's terrific communications team and some very capable youth in field, we crafted a creative storytelling solution, using a community radio station as the framing device. The final product features voices of youth, as well as other community members, discussing the ways Pact's holistic program is creating other livelihood options.


Client Numi Tea

Assignment Tell the story of how Numi Tea's social enterprise is helping communities not only generate livelihoods but also improve health and sanitation for local farmers and their families.

Locations Madagascar

Storytelling Approach DDC brought life to Numi's concept of taking consumers right to the source of the turmeric in their tea. Utilizing a tight script, stunning visuals shot on location, original local music, and animation, we created a centerpiece for Numi's social media campaign.


Client Waggletooth

Assignment Produce a humorous short film to be used as a promotional vehicle for a local start up company.

Locations North Carolina

Storytelling Approach What happens when your dog is left to his own devices while you sleep? Created as a marketing tool for a new dog toothbrush and toothpaste, this narrative video shows why it’s important for dogs to have good dental care.


Assignment Create a short overview of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) as part of a presentation at an international conference. Provide the historical context of SBCC, and how commercial marketing techniques can be applied to health promotion.

Storytelling Approach Using archival material pulled from over 50 years of commercials and SBCC campaigns, DDC created a concise and dynamic presentation that takes the viewer through the history and rationale of SBCC.


Client DAI

Assignment Create a video that explores how DAI is using a multi-faceted approach to address climate resilience in a variety of contexts around the world.

Locations Thailand

Storytelling Approach DDC sent teams to three countries to tell the story of DAI's work in very different contexts and with very different communities. Our teams were able to capture high level interviews with program staff and partners, as well as the local perspective of beneficiaries and program participants. Intimate scenes on the ground were complemented by breathtaking landscapes captured with our drone.



Assignment Create a music video with a Malagasy musician about the importance of hand washing.

Locations Madagascar

Storytelling Approach DDC's Madagascar-based team used the animation technique of rotoscoping to creatively illustrate how germs spread through a family.


Client Abt Associates

Assignment Tell an upbeat story of how USAID is helping farmers in South Sudan who have returned to their land after the war.

Locations South Sudan

Storytelling Approach The challenge here was to present a different perspective of South Sudan. Rather than concentrate on the war, our story focuses on the resilience of farmers who have returned home and are building the agricultural economy of the lush southern region. Using dynamic characters, evocative archival material, and stunning imagery from the field, our team has created one of our favorite productions of the past few years.


Client International Youth Foundation

Assignment Profile IYF's Passport to Success program in Durban as an example of their strong partnership with the Hilton Foundation.

Locations Durban, South Africa

Storytelling Approach The key part to this story was to underscore the important role Hilton plays as a corporate partner and to show how the Passport to Success program is assisting youth with their professional development in the hospitality industry.


Client IUCN

Assignment Produce a series of videos about IUCN's Forest and Landscape Restoration Learning Exchange Programs in China and Uganda.

Locations China

Storytelling Approach These videos explore different aspects of IUCN's international program. In China, DDC's team followed participants from Brazil who visited China to learn about large-scale forest restoration efforts. In Uganda, the focus was on how communities use farm radio and ICT tools in conservation.


Client IntraHealth

Assignment Create an emotion-driven video for Intrahealth's 'End Shame: Restore Dignity' campaign to support Malian women who suffer from obstetric fistula.

Locations Mali

Storytelling Approach For this video, we focused on two women, Natagoma and Fatoumata, whose stories represent many of the issues surrounding fistula, namely: early marriage, family rejection, poor access to medical facilities, lack of financial resources, and community stigma. The powerful, heart-wrenching testimonies draw in the viewer so they understand the almost insurmountable challenges faced by these women, and hopefully are inspired to provide assistance through the campaign.


Client The World Bank

Assignment As part of this video series for the World Bank, DDC traveled to three locations to document the stories of their Knowledge Hubs program.

Locations Colombia

Storytelling Approach Bring together a mix of key interviews with experts at each of the partnering institutions, footage shot in capital cities, and data-focused motion graphics.


Client Duke University

Assignment Produce an update to the previous DDC-produced 2009 visitor center video in order to educate and engage Lemur Center visitors, particularly kids.

Locations North Carolina, USA

Storytelling Approach Our hosts take viewers on a journey behind the scenes at the Duke Lemur Center in North Carolina, and all the way to Madagascar, giving visitors a unique introduction to the Lemur Center's vitally important conservation work.


Client UNC / Sonke Gender Justice

Assignment For the past 20 years, a team of researchers from University of North Carolina and Wits University have been carrying out a randomized control trial to test whether or not using conditional cash transfers to encourage girls to stay in high school is an effective means of preventing transmission of HIV. This video tells the story of that important research and what the team has learned along the way.

Locations Mpumalanga, South Africa

Storytelling Approach Through interviews with the principal investigator and other key researchers, DDC crafts a story that places the research into both historical and cultural contexts while describing the aims, methods and significance of the research project.


Client The Chorus Foundation

Assignment Tell the story of New Era Windows, a worker-owned factory, to illustrate the Chorus Foundation's model of progressive philanthropy.

Locations Chicago

Storytelling Approach New Era Windows is the story of an idea that becomes a reality. We follow a determined group of factory workers who, with the help of the Chorus Foundation and the Working World, take ownership of the same factory that tried to fire them and shut down.


Client Digital Green

Assignment Capture the experiences of a Village Resource Person who is using the Digital Green approach to improve agricultural livelihoods.

Locations Mazzafarpur, India

Storytelling Approach We wanted to tell a story about personal experiences with the Digital Green model. Instead of focusing on a community member we filmed with a local facilitator who uses the Digital Green approach. Dharmender grew up in the community he worked in, understood local agriculture, and was able to explain the differences between the traditional approach and Digital Green's innovative model. In this short video we hear firsthand how using video is able to increase uptake of agricultural practices.


Client Multilateral Investment Fund

Assignment Create a video for the women entrepreneurship Banking (weB) program launched by the IDB and MIF.

Locations El Salvador
Costa Rica

Storytelling Approach We decided to tell the story of an "idea." The idea is that investing in women entrepreneurs makes good financial sense for banks and is the right thing to do. We use testimonials from bankers and entrepreneurs to tell this story and weave together DDC archival footage along with new footage that we shot on location. We also use motion graphics throughout to highlight key data and statistics.


Client Abt Associates

Assignment Produce a short video to celebrate Abt Associates' 50th anniversary by highlighting the organization's many accomplishments.

Locations Various

Storytelling Approach For this unique video, our team drew on our extensive library of past productions for Abt Associates as well as archival images. The long history of the organization presented the opportunity to examine how their programs have helped populations in the USA and abroad. We also created a unified motion graphics approach that has been adopted for a number of other Abt Associates videos through their anniversary year.


Client Multilateral Investment Fund

Assignment Travel to Haiti to document the work of the Artisan Business Network, which provides training and logistical support to Haitian artisans and received funding from the Multilateral Investment Fund.

Locations Haiti

Storytelling Approach DDC decided to tell the story of ABN through the voices of those who participated in launching the network as well as the artisans who are members of the network. Willa Shalit's interview provides the backbone of the narrative and other key interviewees fill in the details. The interviews are complemented by a series of diverse visual scenes that bring the viewer into the world of the Haitian artisans.


Client Various clients

Assignment Each of these multimedia productions represents a different use of animated graphics. DDC incorporates animations into its videos to explain complex technical material and to enhance the visual experience.

Locations Various

Storytelling Approach Various


Client DDC highlight reel


Client Abt Associates

Assignment Produce a series of 3-4 minute videos profiling the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Program that focuses on the innovations of a community-based approach to malaria control.

Locations Ghana

Storytelling Approach During our travels to seven countries, we spent considerable time in the rural areas, so we had the opportunity to tell stories from the perspective of the AIRS field staff. These videos take you into the community-based approach that Abt Associates uses to organize and execute an Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Campaign. Each video focuses on a different innovation or approach to IRS, while weaving in the emotional ties that staff have to the communities in which they work.


Client American Forests

Assignment Produce a corporate video for American Forests to help the organization relaunch their brand with partners and donors.

Locations Eldorado National Forest
Willamette National Forest
Yellowstone National Park

Storytelling Approach American Forests, the oldest nonprofit conservation organization in the United States, has a lot of history to build on. We had four minutes to tell viewers why American Forests matters today, how their history is their most important asset, as well as describe the challenges facing the forests across North America at present. We crafted a narrative from the voices of those who are most connected to the work of American Forests and layered on breathtaking original footage that we shot in some of the most beautiful forests in the United States.


Client FHI 360

Assignment Produce a series of videos profiling the impact of FHI 360’s programs worldwide through the eyes of project staff, partners and beneficiaries.

Locations Senegal

Storytelling Approach Each of these videos focuses on a single character who is involved in an FHI 360 program. The character guides viewers through their world, introducing the program, and showing how it is having an impact on the lives of people in the community. FHI 360 features these videos on their public facing blog, therefore DDC wanted to tell stories that connect with average viewers.