Client ITVS

Assignment As the United States continues our national conversation about what justice and policing looks like, our team collaborated with ITVS on a series of short documentaries about rural prisons. The first set, produced in collaboration with WUNC, examine the choices of two rural North Carolina sheriffs as they manage growing jail populations. The second set, produced in collaboration with the Tennessean, look at programs to address recidivism, amongst female prisoners dealing with drug addiction and through a partnership for jobs at a local zoo.

Locations North Carolina

Storytelling Approach The project gave our team an appreciation for the power sheriffs have to improve the lives of their constituents, if they choose to. Our hope is that by watching these stories, one will feel a greater sense of urgency to stop the incarceration of all people for nonviolent offenses and redirect policies and funding to provide much needed support services. Given the current views of all law enforcement, it is also equally important to tell the stories of sheriffs who are sincerely trying to better their communities.